Mugardos Showcooking

Mugardos Council organized last Wednesday the 28th a showcooking in which Héctor López, Grupo Nove member and cook of España restaurant, from Lugo.

Imaxe: Ovidio Aldegunde Álvarez

First part of the activity was focused in a tasting of the "pinchos" presented by the establishments that take part in the IV Ruta dos Pinchos, and that will give beginning on the 2nd of May.

The jury composed by Héctor López, Grupo Nove, Pilar Díaz, 1st Mayor Lieutenant and Eugenio Fernández, cook, had a difficult decision after checking the high level that presented the proposals carried out by the inn of Mugardos.

The fault of the jury will occur to know the 6th of June when he finishes off the IV Ruta dos Pinchos. This activity of promotion of the gastronomy of Mugardos and of the catering trade will be developed on Saturdays.

The second part of the activity consisted of the elaboration of three "pinchos" on the part of Héctor López, the octopus being the special protagonist.

This activity is set in the collaboration that the Council maintains with the inn, and more precisely in this case with the organization of the IV Ruta dos Pinchos, and with the determination put in the last times in giving value to the gastronomy and to the products of the sea, precisely the octopus, to give impulse to the economic and touristic promotion of the people.

(Images: Ovidio Aldegunde Álvarez)