Presentation of the Octopus Festival Portal

The City council of Mugardos launches this new Portal to energize the festival and the village of Mugardos, tending a new bridge to the citizen participation in enhancement of mugardesa culture.


Next Tuesday, February 10, the City Council of Mugardos will officially launch the Portal of XXV anniversary of Octopus Festival. The event will take place at 19:00 hours in the Plenary Hall of the City Council and it will be an importance overview of this resource for the revitalization for the enhancement of the festival and the 

The new portal was created with the objective of contributing to greater diffusion and dynamism of this event so significant for the village. tan significativo para la villa. Since it will be accessible to a wide information about the marine character of Mugardos and the importance of fishing and shellfishing has for the population.

Furthermore, the possibility of consultation and participation from anywhere will contribute to attractivity of this city council to neighbors, visitors and tourists.

In this sense it will provide a comprehensive documentary archive with the possibility of extension by the cooperation of citizens, who may even bring the images of everyday activities, the seafaring world, the rich landscape... and specific vocabulary of the sea, genuine creation the seafaring culture.