Conversation with Anduriñas 9 (2/3)

We continue with the chatter that we maintained with Anduriñas, the first legalized association that was in charge of organizing the Octopus Festival of Mugardos.


E: How was the first year?

María Encarna: The first year that it we did we did not know how how to cook and we went to the School of Inn and a professor that is called Carlos, which was charming, collaborated I can not tell at all more what marvels to you because us it facilitated a lot, it brought his pupils and pupils of Pontedeume and he was in charge completely. We request also kitchens from the School of Airs that it yielded us, because we did not have kitchen. The casseroles we ask them the Infantry, there we were to look for the casseroles! We were in charge of the cleaning. It was a very hard and very nice task... when it is not known, and nobody takes you, you take and each has an idea to reach port...

E: And the financing?

María Encarna: So that we financed us Teresita García was the one that had all the ideas: made themselves umbrella, T-shirts, mochilas...para raise deep because there was not! It went to be asked for by the houses, then we distributed for equipments. That mission to me for example me never went, other equipments made it. To me the one that me touched more perhaps went apart administrative we could say. The rest the equipment!

Teresita: And of the public relations! You were the one that yourself you interviewed with all.

María Encarna: I think that we work very well, with errors by any reckoning because when you start...


E: And the Council?

María Encarna: The Council collaborated the one that is in the economic part. We went to the Board to request subsidies and these had to be across the Council. The Council supported us and this way we could request it. As it was organized as organization and counted on a CIF was much easier because everything was legalized.

E: Teresita, that you were in charge?

Teresita: Of the marketing. The ideas about the T-shirts, instead of being a photography there attached we fix the one that is the profile of the Estuary of Mugardos. It drew us it and a pupil of the Municipal School of Paint yielded. Maite put itself in charge of looking for the one who it them prepared, a company of Victory. They remained precious, the daddies went, the mummies and even the babies took the T-shirt! Afterwards we kept doing more things, the umbrellas were also very important, they took the same drawing of the T-shirt, and they arrived up to New York! This material was sold during all the year in the estabecimientos of Mugardos to raise funds in view of the party. We were successful a lot. We also made the basins and the dishes of Buño, the knapsacks...

Tona: In posterior years we, tambien, were successful a lot because the drawings of the T-shirts were of Bello Piñeiro. He also made the poster that there was beside the anchor.


E: Did the local businesses collaborate?

Teresita: Yes, the ovens collaborated also with us.

María Encarna: The bakeries collaborated with the commission bringing bread. Every bakery put to the same quantity of bread, gave a bag to us.

E: How was it the day?

Maruxa: An afternoon we went to cook the octopus to Ares, to the kitchen of the school. They had some big perolas and one industrial kitchens. We washed the octopus.

E: Did you cook it the same day?

Sita: Not, we cooked it a couple of days before.

María Encarna: The Festival in themselves was celebrated only in the afternoon. We dedicated the morning the portions to be packaged and to prepare everything.

E: How many kgr of octopus did you catch?

Carmiña: Between 700 and 800 kgr of octopus.

Tona: Our interest was, every Galician octopus, as long as it was an octopus of the area or at least. That yes we could obtain it.

E: And afterwards?

Maruxa: We cooked it. Afterwards we put them in some big mesados in the kitchen of the school to cool. The day after we went to cut it and we kept despues in the conservatives.

María Encarna: Carlos helped us, with the group of inn. We were overwhelmed because it was a lot of quantity of people, so we asked them for our children and daughters and his friendships that they had come to help act, to divide up the wine...

Tona: The previous afternoon the cooks Carmen did the sauce and Located. Cutting and to clean we did it all but the sauce...

Carmiña: Of that which was in excess of the octopus, two rabitos and you give heads we did the pie. As the pie was sold!

Teresita: There was a lot of tension so that it went out well. Despues of passing the party the day after to the tide to wash the pots with sand there put in the water up to the knee. We work a lot, was a complete week!

Maruxa: And everything had to be delivered by despues of the party, everything be left clever, and be rubbed! And all that clean and impeccable remained...