Conversation with Anduriñas 9 (3/3)

Last part of our conversation with Anduriñas 9, in which they explain us some secret of his recipe of Octopus to the Mugardesa

Charla con Anduriñas 9 (3/3)

E: Are not you proud of what you have achieved ?

María Encarna:  Although the beginnings were hard , I think we started a very nice way.

Teresita: And it was. The second year was better than the first!

E: Maruxa, tell us the recipe! You had a bar, what is the secret?

Maruxa: Secret ... We tap water to the fire with a little salt. When it starts to boil catch octopus, will you turn around by holding the mouth, immerse 2 or 3 times in boiling water, so you shrink the tentacles and octopus out as a "ball" andleft you to show! Cooking time depends as octopus and how are the fires, but is about 45 minutes and 1 hour. One trick: the fatter you click the top and if it goes well already. When you remove from heat and put a drain on a plateau to release all the water so it is becoming entourage. The next day when cold and cut it and leave Ok. The final preparation: pour out into the pa. When it is hot, you miss him minced finely chopped onion, and will you spinning, which is not browned onion. We in the business always I sprayed a little red pepper and green pepper, a little nothing. And so we have the sauce. When it is, you add a little paprika and a little spice to taste. Testing the salsita and if you know a little kicked, that's it! You remove it from the heat and you 're throwing octopus. Once you incorporate, put it back on the fire until you lift a boil.. I particularly miss him always a little bit of white wine to the sauce before adding the octopus andgives very funny! So fattening sauce, we gave him round and round and round andwent a chubby salsita! Simply trick is good octopus and olive oil is the best. I always say that the secret is the good oil. The octopus wants good oil. A good octopus is the Ria and between 1,900 kg and 2,100 kg is an ideal size.

Sita: There was Ria as is, for octopus, squid for ...for everything!