José Antonio López Vilariño, representative of the SCRD San Xoán de Piñeiro

'The nicest completely is the party that is organized during the preparation and afterwards in the carp, collaborating with the other societies that we consider as a festive day.'

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E: Please, presents us your association

Jose Antonio: We are of one of the hamlets of the Council. Our most important activity is one popular marathon, we are in the circuito of the Regional Government, is quite important as for the province of Coruña, but have also cultural activities. Our goal is to join the people, youth and bigger... to do cultural sport activities... completely type! The winters in Galicia are very long and the people have to be united.

E: What is the one that seems nicer of taking part in the Festival to you?

JA: The nicest is that it does that it takes part the a lot of people of the society. Between some reasons or others they take part about 30 people of the society in the preparation and elaboration, there are other people than help in other ways in the party. The nicest completely is the festival that is organized during the preparation and afterwards in the carp, collaborating with the other societies that we consider as a festive day. We have people even of more that can not come that likes the Octopus Festival.

E: Since when do you take part?

JA: We take nine years taking part

E: Why do you decide to collaborate?

JA: A reason is the collaboration between the association and the Council. The Council gives a hand us economically and we offer our collaboration at work, in the elaboration and in all the things that are menester so that the result of the Festival is the best.

E: Some memory which the pity deserves to say?

JA: The nicest that I see in the Octopus Festival unlike other gastronomic parties are the pandillas that there are with the songs of every type, the bands, the groups of bagpipes... I think that them you do not see in other parties, that is for me enhances the party, dalle a different touch with regard to other gastronomic festivals.

E: Are those the 'peñas', not yes?

JA: Indeed. The 'peñas' do many activities, that differentiates this festival of others. They are joined only for the festival. They have a series of competitions and of activities of every type: careers of 'carretillas', career of bags... As develop during all the week and on day of the Octopus they are in the carp with his canticles and with his party. I think that that not it you see in no other gastronomic festival of these characteristics.

E: What do you think that it means Festival for Mugardos?

JA: Here in Mugardos it is the insignia ship of the council. It projects the image of the municipality as for Galicia as well as of Spain. The monuments that Mugardos has: batteries, Palm Castle, the Estuary... can be promoted and to put in value indirectly with the call of the Octopus Festival even if now they are not a lot in value.

E: Do you notice the flow of visitors on those days?

JA: All the people that spends the summer holidays in this area are approached... also people of Castilla, of Madrid...

E: Do you see any strong point to the Festivalk?

JA: The organization. I would highlight the immediateness of the service, vain to other parties and you have that esperarar some enormous queues. Eight association we give service immediately. Vain to others and you have to make some horrible queues of hours waiting... Although we are many people of many associations, we are well organized.

E: Another memory around the festival that you want and can comment?

JA: We take only 9 years, the memories would be more of which they started that they had to pass it very badly: there were not carps...I had come twice when it they did in the Ratón and was completely different

E: In which places did he keep placing?

JA: It started in the Estuary, was in the Canton of Cora (The Ratón)...

E: It sells us the Mugardos Octopus Festival, please.

JA: The people have to come, first for the ubicación where the carp is that has a panoramic sight on the Estuary of Ferrol impressive. Second point, and very important, the very important parking lots for all the people that are approached by car, in other parties the people have to park the kilómetros and at times for these reasons they leave without eating.

E: Where are the parkings?

JA: They are practically at 200-300 m of the carp. Another of the reasons to come is the quality of the octopus that is had been of series. In Spain it is the only place, I think almost that in the world except the Japanese, in what it is cooked, I do not know whether there will be more people that make it. Another reason to come is the festive atmosphere that is breathed since in the morning until the festival is finished off.