Livings of Fabián Villalabeita Copena in Mugardos

"I was always drawn to the town opposite, and when I asked its name they told me it was Mugardos."


Fabián Villalabeita Copena was born in Ferrol and when he was 1 year old he was taken to live at the Naval Base de la Graña, from there he saw Mugardos. He didn’t know that town but he was attracted to it so -in his words- "one day I was taking a walk around the base with Juan Pardo’s father, when he was Commander of the La Graña Naval Base, I asked him what that town was like" to which he replied that it was very nice and that it was called Mugardos.

Don Carlos Pardo Godino also said that there the fishermen were dedicated to the octopus and that one day he would take Fabián. One day he took it to Mugardos and to the Seixo, "it was for me like a discovery of those lands that a child of 6 years ago". When our protagonist returned to La Graña he heard the fishermen there refer to those of Mugardos as the "Pulpeiros", "no one be offended and much honor".

The protagonist of this story says goodbye in this way "A very big hug to Luis Ángel Penín Bellon, playmate and child fatigue in the Real Villa de la Graña and a greeting to all the Mugardeses".