Pedro Fernández, of the Cultural association "Cofradía de Jesús Nazareno"

'It would recommend it by the ease of access that has the people to participate in the party and by the own Octopus Festival, since it is a way to know different ways to cook the octopus'.

Pedro Fernández, of the Cultural association "Cofradía de Jesús Nazareno"

Interview: How much carries your Cultural association participating?

Pedro Fernández: We carry 4 years, east goes to be the fifth, participating in the party. I can´t add more to what said to the other representatives. I already had the luck to go in with all fact, all organised. Before it was more complicated, brought you the octopus, called you with 20 kg go to rack and ruin to the  dock, clean it, freeze them...

E: How you live this event from the Confrerie?

PF: It´s a festival, all those that participate, partners of the Confrerie but also some women. Although the women are not partners come to throw us a hand to the hour to cook it and work. We have it like a festive day!

E: As it was your experience before participating of the another side of the bar?

PF: I came. Always it went like a party apart from Carmen. It is typical of here of Mugardos.Were a lot of people by Carme the Saturday so that they remained the Sunday. Now it did a festival aside in which we participate all the 'mugardeses' and 'mugardesas'. It is a wonder! I that was military and andube a lot by out, when it coincided me with the holidays participated in the party loved,

E: Under your point of view which importance give him the mugardeses to this event?

PF: Now in all Galicia is very fashionable the one of the gastronomic festivals: of the ear, of the crepe, the bread, cover them ... In Mugardos took advantage of very well the most typical of here, that is the octopus, the octopus "a la mugardesa". It is very good that keep  the way that it do it, the typical of "a la mugardesa". It is a different and distinctive way of the Mugardos village.

E: Please, eecommends the Octopus Festival of Mugardos to the visitors:

PF: I would recommend It by several reasons, between them:

  • The ease of access that has the people to participate in the party. It can arrive with the car practically to the place. There are 2 parkings one to 10 metres another to 200, on foot of party!

  • By the own Octopus Festival, that is a way that it know different ways to cook the octopus.