Welcome to Mugardos Octopus Festival

Mugardos Octopus Festival was declared a Festival of Tourist Interest by the Xunta de Galicia. From that moment on, it is always celebrated the second Saturday of the month of July.

The festival of the most typical product of Mugardos is held in the Parque de la Constitución all day long, where people can taste the Mugardos style octopus, in addition to having fun with the brass bands.

The mysterious charm of the Mugardese style octopus

If anything stands out in the Mugardese cuisine is the quality, variety and richness of the seafood, cooked in a family way, artisan and paused, resulting in delicious dishes. In fact, gastronomy is one of the main charms for the tourists who come here.

The fishing fleet in the area, which has been fishing for salting sardines and catching octopus, among others, has maintained this tradition and continues to provide a wide variety of fish, crustaceans and molluscs that is a pole of attraction for people, from inside and outside the region, throughout the year.

But if there is an absolute protagonist in the gastronomy of Mugardos, this is the octopus, traditional occupation of the Mugardeses, as reflected in the popular song:

"os da Graña son cintores; os da Redonda canteiros;
os de Cervás labradores e os de Mugardos, pulpeiros"

The capture of this cephalopod was the occupation almost exclusive for decades, since, together with O Grove, population of the Arousa estuary, it was the most sought after in the fairs of the interior of Galicia.

The secret of the recipe of the Mugardese Style Octopus

Mugardos is also known in Galician and international cuisine for devising a dish of very simple elaboration: the Octopus to the Mugardesa. Every house, every family, every cook claims to have the best recipe, of course, all of them and all of them were sent by an old lady, who died years ago, revealing her secret just before she died. Without appreciating the certainty of these stories and without entering into discussion about which is the best of the recipes, we can affirm that the basic steps to follow for its elaboration are the following:

  • The octopus is hit with a mace.​

  • It is put in boiling water (preferably sea water).

  • When it reaches the boiling point, the cephalopod is "frightened" by placing it three times in the pot, holding it by the head, to make it more tende

  • A refrito is made with oil, onion and paprika in a frying pan.

  • Add the octopus slices

  • It is accompanied with "cachelos" (baked potatoes with peel)