Welcome to Mugardos Octopus Festival

The Mugardos Octopus Festival was declared Tourist Interest Festival by the Xunta de Galicia. From this moment always celebrates  the second Saturday of the month of July.

The party of the most typical product of Mugardos celebrates in the Parque de la Constitución during all day, in which the people can taste the Octopus in the Mugardesa Way, in addition to amusing  with the fanfares.

The mysterious charm of the Octopus in the Mugardesa Way

If something stands out in the kitchen from Mugardos is the quality, variety and wealth of the products of the sea, cooked of familiar form, artisanal and slow, that has like resulted delicious dishes. In fact, the gastronomy is one of the main charms for the tourists that here approach.

The fishing fleet of the zone, devoted from inmemorial time to the fishing of the sardine for salting and to the capture of the octopus, among others, keeps this tradition and follows providing big variety of fishes, crustaceans and molluscs that constitutes a pole of attraction of people, of inside and out of the region, during all the year.

But if there is an absolute protagonist in the gastronomy of Mugardos, this is the octopus, traditional occupation of the local people, as it reflects in the sing popular:

"os da Graña son cintores; os da Redonda canteiros;
os de Cervás labradores e os de Mugardos, pulpeiros"

The capture of this cephalopod was the almost exclusive occupation during decades, since, together with O Grove, population of the estuary of Arousa, was the most requested in the fairs of the interior of Galicia.

The secret of the recipe of the Octopus in Mugardesa way

Mugardos Besides is known in the Galician and international kitchen for contriving a dish typical of very simple preparation: the Octopus in the Mugardesa way. Each house, each family, each cook or cook affirms to possess the best recipe, of course, to all and all did it to him arrive an elderly lady, the one who already died does years, revealing them his just secret before dying. Without valuing the certainty of these histories and without going in in discussion on which is the best of the recipes, can affirm that the basic steps to be followed for his preparation are the following:

  • hits the octopus

  • put in water to boil (preferably of sea)

  • When this arrives to the boiling-point, "scares " the cephalopod entering it thrice in the pot, attaching it by the head, so that it remain tender

  • iIn a frying pan does the rehash of oil, onion and sweet noun

  • add the cuts of octopus

  • accompanies with "cachelos" (baked potatoes with peel)