City Hall lights up a giant octopus made up of 50,000 led lamps on the feast of July 14

Thursday, 22 de March de 2018

Gastronomic celebration this year coincides with the acts of the Carmen, so villa will have holidays from 14 to 22 July.


Octopus Festival

City Hall already has the poster of the next edition of Octopus Festival, the number 28, which will be held on the second Saturday of July, as is obligatory since it was declared of Galician Tourist Interest in 2009. The company Item: aga is responsible for the design of this year's poster, in which a photographic image was used to highlight the product and the brand above all, with clean and simple communication.

Second explained the mayor, Pilar Díaz, this year coincide the dates of the Octopus Festival and the patronal celebrations of Carmen, so that the acts will last from July 14 to 22.

Due to the capacity of the seafront of the town, and as recently reported, the fair attractions will be moved to the Merlo area.

In the "Parque de la Constitución" there will be a tent in which the octopus rations will be served from 1:00 p.m. The City Council will buy a total of 1,500 kilograms of cephalopod and, as the main novelty, this year is scheduled to purchase a giant octopus of lights that will light on the night of July 13. It will be an aluminum structure of 8.50 meters long, by four wide and 3.50 high, which will be illuminated with 50,000 led lamps.

The Octopus Festival on the 14th will end with a performance by the "Claxxon" orchestra in Cantón de Cora. During the day the "Charanga Mekánika" will perform in the morning and "Kilomberos de Monte Alto" in the afternoon. There will also be children's entertainment.

Below is the Poster of the Octopus Festival: