The Local Government prepares the file to request the "National Tourist Interest" for the Octopus Festival

Friday, 13 de December de 2019

As a part of the promotion of the candidacy, the chef Iván Domínguez will offer on December 4 a showcooking to media and specialized public.


The local government of Mugardos is already in the process of preparing the file that will justify the request for the concession of the category of "National Tourist Interest Festivall" to the Octopus Festival, that the village celebrates every second Saturday of the month of July with the influx of thousands of people. According to the councillor of Tourism, Lola González, a prominent part in the activities of promotion of this candidacy will be the showcooking that the chef Ivan Dominguez will develop at the Casino Mugardés next December 4, in front of the media, restaurant professionals and also a selection of Galician bloggers.

Iván Domínguez is one of the most prestigious chefs in Galicia. For years he was at the front of the Alborada, in A Coruña, an establishment with a Michelin star, and at the beginning of this 2019 he opened Nado, another restaurant in the same city. On his visit to Mugardos he will prepare three dishes, all based on the Mugardos style octopus, the recipe that exalts the local party and that gives fame to the town for its uniqueness.

The Octopus Festival of Mugardos was declared of Tourist Interest by the Xunta in 2009. It is now, Lola González explained, a matter of asserting the merits of this event in order to achieve a higher status, the national one. It is a distinction regulated by Ministerial Order ICT/851/2019 of 25 July, in which, among other issues, it points to continuity in time for more than five years, the place of residence, cultural value and originality, the impact on the national media or the operation of correct digital media as requirements to obtain the distinction of "National Tourist Interest".

The Octopus Festival of Mugardos, which will be celebrating its thirtieth edition in 2020, is starting with most of these requirements. The councilwoman explained that the intention of the local government is to have the file ready for submission early next year.