Susana Seivane composes the music for the Mugardese Style Octopus Festival

Friday, 13 de December de 2019

The composition will become the anthem of the festival as part of the campaign to be declared of National Tourist Interest.


As the councillor for Culture and Tourism, Lola González, has stated, we want our Mugardese Style Octopus Festival to be declared of National Tourist Interest, and to that end we began the work on the file to obtain this declaration. Convinced as we are of the excellence of our party, we are taking further steps to make it known and recognized all over the world. From the City Council we are happy to report that:

Following the declarations of the councilwoman, Susana Seivane is working in the studio to compose and record what will be the anthem of the Mugardese Style Octopus Festival. ​On this 30th anniversary of the festival, the City Council of Mugardos commissioned the bagpiper to compose this music, which pretends to be a proper and recognizable anthem of one of the great gastronomic events of the country. Seivane’s music will also be part of the campaign to declare the Octopus Festival of National Tourist Interest. This fact further vindicates the festive and cultural character of this event, which goes beyond the gastronomic. The varied musical programming, the huge neighborhood participation or the various activities that take place throughout the year demonstrate the importance and the uniqueness of this festival, which, moreover, from 2020 will have its own anthem.

Soon we will be able to listen to this melody that will accompany us during the Festival and in the tourist promotion events, will identify us and will make us dance with the joy that characterizes the Octopus Festival.