It is a sliding knot very used in the sea, and does not weaken the rope and is very safe. Also it runs very well and gets rid without great effort. It is often used to mount mobile rigs or collect objects that are afloat.

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    It is a temporary loop formed around objects such as tree trunks, planks or poles, so that they can be dragged, pushed, raised or lowered. It is a useful knot that can be done quickly and it is safe.

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    It uses like knot of tope and executes at intervals regular in ropes of rescue. His more common application is the one to keep the cape when this happens through the eye of a needle. It is not too popular between the sailors, since it results difficult to undo when it is wetted.

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    This is a basic knot grippy and very easy to undo. It should not be used if the ends to be joined are very different sections. With the same ends works well.

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    It is a knot that allows to glide easily to the cape and bears without problems the tugs. It is important to remember that the number of turns to give has to be odd like minimum of 6 turns.

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    Serves to shorten the length of one end and has the characteristics of not wearing the cape, you can easily undo although it has subjected to high stresses.